Massage Cupping for the Abdomen

Being a massage therapist for 15 years and a massage educator for 5 years, I am aware that this is not a person’s favorite area to get massaged. Many clients will tell me that I am the first massage therapist to massage their stomach. The most common area a client requests work on is either the upper back and shoulders or the lower back. But funny thing about the low back is very infrequently is the problem coming from the low back. It is a symptom and not the cause. After palpating the low back I often follow the issue to the abdomen or hips. Luckily for me those are my two areas of specialty.

Why do I specialize if those two areas? On my healing journey, as an avid bicyclist and outdoor adventurer, I have had my share of hip issues which have caused some low back pain. For the stomach specialty, I like many people get solid bloat. Food generally makes it worse which is why I avoid many food, because it is uncomfortable. However, even after giving up gluten, dairy, and sugar cane I still get a very stagnant lymph especially in my gut.

So over the weekend I took a class on medi-cupping. That is the cupping machine you see in the corner of my room. This class talked about many things but especially solid bloat. Above is the article the instructor has written about solid bloat. That is also a great website if you want to purchase cups for your own use. I like the Russian silicone cups for my own personal use in the shower.

I am not just talking about loosing a couple inches within a session (yes that does happen!), but also that the scars you may have from a C-section or other surgery can cause restrictions that can cause pain and also effect your digestion. This is not just about fitting into our clothes better, but also about feeling healthier.

So what can you do to help your solid lymphatic bloat? First step is to make an appointment! A 75 minute lymphatic cupping session will include your upper arms, abdomen, gluts, and upper legs. This also concluded with a castor oil pack on your abdomen. It is recommended you come twice a week for the first month or two. If you can only come once a week then buy a set of cups and you can do one or two sessions a weeks at home on yourself. Then to maintain to come once a month while continuing at home in the shower once a week. Why in the shower? You are already naked and the water gives a nice glide. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

“Move your lymph system. Lymph is like a sewage system that carries all the toxins out of your body”

Valentina Zelyaeva

What is something also you can do? Ditch any tight clothing. When you take it off you can see an indent in your skin then it is too tight. This includes bras, pants, and even compression stocking. When I go biking I wear a bib so the waste band doesn’t cut into me. Biking is great for the lymph, I need to make sure that the shorts are blocking the drainage. And the last step is to get moving. Moving your body is an important step to keeping lymph moving. The concentration of lymph nodes are in the stomach, armpit and groin. As we move our body we pump lymph through these areas.

More great articles to check out comes from the UK Lymphology clinic. My favorite is Lacteals and Swollen Abdominals! I hope to make a trip to the UK to take one of her classes!

For 2022 I will be doing six case studies on the effects of abdominal massage cupping. I will be the 7th person! To take part in these studies you will need commit to coming weekly for two months. Plus doing at home cupping once to twice a week. Also before and after pictures will be taken, as well as measurements. These will be free session so that I may use pictures taken. If you are interested please email me at:

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