Self Care for Lymphatic Cupping

So you have booked a session for lymphatic cupping. This could be for the face or body. When you start receiving massage cupping you need to make an appointment every week for 8 weeks, then receive monthly sessions to maintain your results. To get even better results you need to come in twice a week, or you can do self massage once or twice a week. Hey, I am all about teaching my clients how to take care of thier bodies and saving you money!

Here are the supplies you will need to do lymphatic massage:

These silicone cups are great for the abdomen. The small size is oval and is great for the ankle or tricky areas


This set is great for face cupping and the largest size can be used on the rest of the body.
I am not a fan of the mushroom cups but you can always see if you like this style.
If you are willing to spend a little more, you can try a polycarbonate set. These can be great for those having trouble squeezing the silicone cups. However, for the face and neck you should get the silicone

So you just need to pick a cupping set for you to do the self massage. I like to do this either when I am in bed in the morning or in the shower. As optional you can put on some essential oils afterwards and below are two great options.

I would recommend putting 20 drops of the Cellulite blend into an once of lotion or oil. Then massage the blend into your abdomen, legs, and arms. Feel free to add 150 drops into an 8 oz bottle of lotions or oil. But then be sure that you use it all up within a few months. You can also use it every day and not just the days you do self cupping.

Menthol is also a great to use after massage cupping. I especially enjoy it on the abdomen. My favorite lately is the Ice plus with CBD, but any will be a nice touch if you do not like the smell of citrus essential oils in the above blend.

A rebounder and skin brush are also great additions, but that is a whole other blog!!!

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