Welcome to Elizabeth’s Healing Path!

I hope you find something on my journey that helps you along with yours. This blog is a combination of information on detoxing, body care, and recipes. I am no way an expert or guru. But I do have a passion for my health and I LOVE sharing that passion with others.

I feel like I have found my life’s calling as a “healer”, as someone who guides you to unlock your own innate ability to heal yourself. In my experience, people who become guides or healers are finding their own healing path, and attract clients who need a similar journey for their own health and wellness. My perception is there is no one right way to healing, but many different paths.  My own journey has led me to learn many different modalities, however, I have found the most healing within Reiki, John Barnes Myofascial Release, Sound Therapy such as Tibetan Bowls, aromatherapy, hot stones, and massage cupping. My passion to learn about and explore pelvic imbalances, the psoas, and the lymphatic system comes from my own bodies wisdom that those areas within me needed to heal. And along the way through becoming certified as a doula and pre/peri/post natal massage, I have also found joy in comforting and guiding pregnant women through what I consider to be the most magical journey.

I have tried many different detoxes along my journey. From a 30 Day detox filled with a complicated and expensive protocol to a 21-day juice fast. All have been effective in what I wanted to achieve. However, I now prefer a simple and gently 13-day detox. This detox is available in the spring of 2017 in my book or through my e-course. But on this site, I also have little tips and tricks that help me as I detox that will hopefully help you decide if my detox is right for you!

I am also 50% Italian, which means I also have garlic running through my veins. My cheesecakes are divine and my Kale Chips will turn anyone into a lover of Kale! Although the Italian in me loves to share my cooking with those I care about, I also love to teach others how they can make my recipes. About 75% of my recipes are raw; but they are 100% simple and delicious!

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My health journey started after I graduated from high school. I became a vegetarian while I was a freshman, but I was a junk food vegetarian. My mom said to me, “You can’t be a vegetarian, you don’t like vegetables!” I had been a sugar addict since 5th grade. Being able to find any sweets my mom tried to hide from me. However, after high school, my desire to lose weight started me down a different path. A path where I started to like vegetables and being very active. I became an avid cyclist and trained for centuries.  When I was 24 I became a massage therapist and was introduced to the idea of eating Raw Food.  I dove in! I started going to raw food potlucks and health talks. I read lots of books and tried many new recipes. I also was trying different detox plans.  A little by little I started to add raw food to my plate.

By the time I was 26 I was a “raw foodist”. I had completely eliminated processed sugar,  refined carbs, and dairy from my diet.  I felt amazing! I lost all the weight I had gained and was full of vibrant energy.  After I came back from Arizona, I felt like I had found the holy grail. But stress crept back into my life and the honeymoon period was over. I may have found the diet that feeds my body, but I still did not know how to deal with stress in my life. I am a stress eater! As my weight started to creep back up over 6 years, I kept trying to get back to where I was when I was 26.

Then when I was 33 I found the missing piece to my puzzle. I began to deal with all the emotions that I had spent so much time burying. And most importantly I developed a relationship with God. So now 8 years later I am back to the weight I was in the picture above. I am grateful every day for what has been given to me. All the people who have helped me along my way. All the “gurus” who have shared their wisdom. And most importantly my friends, mentors, and family that have helped my hand. My path was not smooth or easy, but it has brought me to where I am today. Thank You!



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