February Garden Musings

Trying new things can be scary, but can also be exciting. Most gardeners start dreaming of their spring garden in January. We pull out the graph paper and start ordering seeds. At least in my 170 grow days season, there isn’t much to do till March & April. However last spring I invested is a Poly High Tunnel. This is one level down from an unheated greenhouse. It is over a 10 foot by 8 raised bed and of course I wish It was 4 feet longer! And this has been a fun gardening adventures. On a sunny 30 to 40 degree day I am cozy in there 60 or 70 degrees.

Last year I grew lots of greens thru the year including some Italian chard and dandelions. I put a couple artichokes in there that I hope will come back this year. And my green beans were very happy in there all summer! I have learned tons including do not direct sow my brassicas because the slugs went to town and I didn’t get any of the cabbages and broccoli I was hoping to harvest in the fall.

Here comes the scary part… I just transplanted some lettuce, greens and roots in there! I am still doing my research on what I can and cannot plant. I originally read that I could start things in there once we left the Persephone period which was February 1st. I started a tray cold hardy plant inside. Then I bravely put them into my high tunnel a few days ago. Now that I have been ready the year round garden I think I jumped the gun on the beets and radishes. I wish I would have planted corn lettuce instead of regular lettuce. The spinach and arugula should be fine. Maybe. However the books suggest direct sowing the seeds in February, not transplanting . It might all be a wash!

Deep breathes it’s Ok! As soon as I transplanted out the tray I have already started a new tray of all the same crops for succession planting. And this is all about learning! I have also try two new methods by MIgardener. I put a hay “core” down the centers of my raised bed, then put a thin layer of mushroom compost over the top like I normally do. Plus I am trying his trifecta+ fertilizer!

Seeds I have started for my High tunnel:

Pink Celery, Bunching Onions, Shallots, Lettuce, Spinach, Dino Kale, arugula, chard, Tatsio, Beet, Radish, & Kohlrabi. Plus in a few weeks I will be planting carrots.

Other Seeds I have started :

Eggplant, Peppers, Artichoke & Asparagus

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