Session Fees

I often get the question of how much do I charge. It’s one of the first questions someone asks when looking at my services. Not my experience or specialties. Money and our budgets are on everyone’s mind. I charge a value for value sliding scale.

45-minute session: $60

60-minute session: $70 to $100 ($75 – $105)

75-minute session: $85 to $125 ($95 – $130)

90-minute session: $100 to $150 ($110 – $160)

120-minute session: $150 to $200 ($150 – $210)

(Price Increase in January 1st, 2024. Because of inflation I will be increasing my prices. However I am waiting an additional year so my clients paychecks can catch up first.)

* Outcall sessions are an additional $30 to $60

** Purchase a Package to receive a discount!

Well, now I get even more questions! Here are the reasons why I offer a sliding scale.

  1. Money is a constantly changing energy. It changes daily as we see the value of the US dollar to the euro. It changes as 50 years ago a dollar had more value as it has now. And it changes because a person who makes $30K a year has a different value to $50 as someone who makes $100K. As we explore our monthly budgets; money’s value is constantly changing based off of what we can afford.
  2. I want to provide my services to those people who value and need my skills and expertise. Sometimes that client cannot afford to pay the full price because of an injury that is keeping them from being able to work.
  3. For me, it is also about trust. Because I offer services to those who value my time, I trust that they will provide me with a fair fee so I can continue doing what I love to do. I am very blessed that I have an Ilkigai career!
  4. I also hope this is a way to empower my clients. Empower you to decide how much the service is worth. Sometimes I really knock it out of the park in a session and you feel like the service is worth more. Maybe one day you think I could have done better. You decide how much value your service is worth that day!
  5. My last reason is that I am inspiring myself to bring 100% to every session. To stay client-centered and help you reach your wellness goals. I’ve seen so many massage therapist “burn out” around 10 years. My perception is they no longer have the passion and intention they used to have. I want every day to feel like my first day as a massage therapist and every client to feel special!
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Tipping Policy

Tipping is a grey area for massage. Is massage in the wellness field where clients do not tip? Or is massage part of the spa industry when technicians get tipped? Massage therapist in the wellness field or who are independent contractors usually do not accept tips. I consider myself part of the wellness field. Plus with a sliding scale it is really unnecessary. Want to pay $80 and a $20 tip for an hour session? Just choose to pay $100. Thank you for supporting me and my business. I look forward to helping you to your wellness goals