Review: The Raw Chef

The Raw Chef: How I became a raw food chef

Russell James has to be my favorite Raw Chef! I don’t know if it’s that British accent or his amazing innovative raw recipes. I’m sure it’s the recipes. ūüėČ But I have his 6 e-books that he sells for $50 and each and every recipe I’ve tried has come out. Or you have the option of buying each e-book individual for $16. ¬†If you are only going to purchase one raw book, please make it his e-books series. There are so many recipes I look at and I know that they are too complicated and I don’t want to spend all day making a recipe. But not his! Some of his recipes require a bit more skill. And if you really want to dive into learning that skill he does have e-courses. I would like to try his chocolate one next year. ( I will update this blog after I’ve completed the course.) He also has a youtube video channel ¬†if you want to check him out in action. In order of my favorites:

Raw Cheeses: Raw cheese is my new favorite thing to make. It is just as easy and satisfying as a cheesecake without the extra fat and sugar. Plus I’ve used his basic cheese recipe on so many things. On crackers, as a¬†sandwich spread, on my salad.

Christmas Recipes:¬†Christmas can be an exceptionally hard time to try and stay healthy. He adds a fun¬†to some traditional recipes for the holidays. Plus I’m pretty sure there are a few British traditional recipes in there.

Chocolate: I really feel like there is ¬†need for an explanation. It’s chocolate!!! So if you rare int eh mood for some cheesecake, cacao cereal, and cookies; you have to check this one out!

Mexican Style: I just love mexican food. Ive noticed he uses the same zucchini (courgette) wrap for many of his recipes, which I appreciate. I can make one wraps and use it for many things!

Thai Style: This man is amazing. He took 2 of my favorite things to eat and gave me the  raw recipes for them. Mexican and Thai!

No dehydrator needed: Many people who want my recipes are disappointed that I use my dehydrator so much when they don’t have one. But yes Kale chips, and crackers, and granola use the dehydrator. But even if you don’t have one you can still do all the recipes in this ebook and about 50% of the recipes in the other e-books.

If you want to check out his e-books and/or e-courses check out his website. He is giving away a free ebook of his favorite 10 recipes. 


I took the plunge! I have signed up for his e-courses. Of course the first one I looked at was the chocolate course. As I watch each course and practice the recipes I will post my reviews.

Foundations of raw chocolate: Fantastic! ¬†I love how much information is on tempering and creating a chocolate bar that is like the ones in the store using simple ingredients. I don’t think the milk chocolate needs the protein powder, but is amazing with cashews. Plus there is a fun recipe with cacao nibs and mulberries as the sweetener. ¬†I have a blentec and haven’t had trouble powdering sweeteners like she expressed. I¬†like using the blendtec nut butter blender cup to make the chocolate because it heats up faster and creates a really smooth chocolate. I also like starting with cacao butter that is already melted in the dehydrator.


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