Spa Party

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate a special event.  Book a spa party! Get together with the ladies for a girls night in, have us at a bachelorette party, or celebrate a birthday or milestone with us. We look forward to pampering you at your next spa party!

Three Hour Spa Party $300

This 3-hour session is perfect for a spa party. Whether it is just 6 people for a 30-minute session or 13 people (max amount of guests.) for 15-minutes sessions. I bring the table and lotion. You provide a 6 by 10 space and sheets for the table

* For an additional $100 I will be the Ionic foot bath, face masks, and an assistant 

*$30 discount if you have you have a table. 

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Massage Party 

Why host a Tupperware,  kitchenware, or cosmetic party when you can host a massage. Party! The massage party is different than a spa party because it includes a presentation, a demonstration, and group activity. Mini massage sessions are available for $15 each. Plus the host receive a free massage session if at least five guests come. Maximum guests are 13 people.

Facial Cupping Party

Facial cupping is easy to do on yourself. It is great to help with sinus pressure, headaches, and TMJ. It is also great for the skin by increasing collagen to the surface of the skin, smoothing fine lines, and reducing puffiness around the eyes.

Myofasical Release Party

This party is to learn about the fascia. A 3D grid that surrounds every muscle tendon, nerve, joint, and organ. When we get a restriction it can put up to 2,000 pounds of pressure on these sensitive structure.  We will learn about massage tools and self massage to help release tension in the within the fascia that surrenders the muscle.

Healthy Gut

Many women have issues in their gut. This can include bloating or sluggish digestion. However, in massage sessions the stomach is rarely touched. Not only is the gut the location of the 2nd brain, but it is also the location 50% of lymphatic nodes. I found the best treatment for the gut is a combination of myofascial release and massage cupping. We will learn self-care and how to pamper you gut!