Every year my body feels called to do a short 2 week detox. Once per season. It often changes slightly depending on what is in season and listening to my body’s intuition. I am constantly learning more and exploring about how the body and the lymphatic system thrive. Plus how can we support the Lymphatic system thru detox and self care just as we support the cardiovascular system thru exercise and diet! If you want to know more check out my past blog posts, my PDF plan that I hope to keep expanding until it is a book, my video playlist, and join my Facebook group. Please send me any questions and I will add them to Frequently added questions.

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Below is the PDF with information on my detox. (coming soon)

Below is are the videos I have made for to help support you on your path to detoxifying your lymphatic system!

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Frequently asked questions:

When should I detox?

The best time to detox is not only when you are motivated to do so, but also when you don’t have anything going on. Nothing is worse than starting a detox and having a social event or a partially stressful work week. But also your body temperature will shift as your body pulls away energy from keeping you warm to do other detoxifying things! So detoxifying in the winter can be challenging.

What else should I be doing during a detox?

Rest! Pretend you are a cat. So stretching, walking, sun bathing, napping, and of course eating (when you aren’t fasting). You can watch inspiring movies, read books, and journal. Try an electronic detox as well! Do not give yourself a to-do list unless your list includes things like skin brushing, massage, or a colonic! Any cleaning and de-cluttering should be done before you start.

Any questions?