Blue Jay Retreat

I felt called to create a  healthy retreat at the beautiful Devils Lake in Baraboo, WI! I am cultivating a weekend filled with deliciously prepared living raw food, a speaker teaching health & spiritual wellbeing, time for play in nature and yoga!

Why Blue Jay? I was meditating on creating this event when a Blue Jay flew across the sky and landed in a nearby tree. The spiritual meaning of a Blue Jay is that they “have the ability to link the heavens and the earth, to access great power….The Jay is fearless, and its because of this that it can help you connect with the deepest mysteries of the earth and the greatest of the heavens.”

My wish is that on this retreat is that you may find your inner fearlessness to connect with the deepest mysteries of the body and the greatest wonders of your soul to unleash your power within. 

BlueJay_cover copy

Last years event was amazing! Please check out our Facebook to see the photos and videos. And I hope to see you there next year! 


Weekend Pass Before May 1st : $200

Weekened Pass Before June 7th: $250

Saturday Daily Pass from 10am to 7pm: $100*

Sunday Daily Pass from 9am to 3pm: $100 *

Child’s Ticket $100

* Daily Passes include two meals and our speaker! Add a yoga class on the beach for $10